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Training Management

Training Project leadership is a skill gained through experience and a clear understanding of enterprise processes.

While your internal experts may be highly knowledgeable about their specific areas of expertise, a successful training project manager needs a more comprehensive understanding of the big picture and the fortitude to work with multiple levels of an organization.

A training project manager should also understand that every organization is different and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to steer the project towards success.

Training Management

Training Development

A good training program incorporates the vision of your organization and leadership's philosophy of success.

Our team will help define your training program to incorporate your vision and help you build a sustainable program that your team can depend on for quality training.

Training Development includes:

  • Building strong training leadership

  • Building an intuitive and flexible training team

  • Developing a quality mix of traditional classroom training supplemented with high-quality elearnings and web-based training modules

  • Developing a sustainable testing regime to ensure strong acquisition of skills


When you are ready, our team is here to help you build your training program. 

Training Development



No training program is complete without a strong foundation - your curricula. And our team is the best in the business for creating both curricula and eLearning materials to keep your training program growing with your team.

We build your foundation with the following in mind:

  • ADDIE Model-based

  • Subject Matter Expert-approved

  • Custom Design available. PDF or Microsoft Word based.

  • Latest development software used

  • Client approved curricula development plan

  • Competency Testing available with the development

  • Standard Template design available

  • Maintaince Plan available

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Instructional Design


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